Health and Wellness at Encore Wire

Encore Wire values the health of our employees and their families. We recognize that the health of our employees impacts their professional as well as personal lives, and we invest in their health in multiple ways:

We offer health insurance that provides a broad range of benefits, from family practice to urgent care, emergency medicine and specialty care. Our plan provides a wide network of qualified providers to give our employees choices.

As a complement to our health insurance, we also offer Encore Health Services from Medcor, a national leader in delivering innovative healthcare solutions.
These include:
– On-Site Health & Wellness Clinic
– 24/7 Health Hotline
– Mobile App
– Health Navigator
Please view our Encore Health Videos for more information

Encore also offers a growing number of programs and activities aimed at improving the fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness of our employees and their families.

Current Encore Employees
If you are a current employee at Encore, please log in to your Paycom account or visit the on-site clinic for more information regarding the health resources offered by Encore Wire.