Encore Wire: Going Green…Naturally!

Encore Wire understands that as we design and manufacture quality products built to last, it is our responsibility to make sure they don’t have a lasting impact on the environment. In an effort to make sure our planet remains as clean and safe as possible, we not only recycle our materials; but we also continuously pursue partners and projects that give our customers a broad choice of “green” products.

From diverting and reutilizing pre-consumer raw materials, such as nylon, PVC, and copper, from the waste stream during the manufacturing process to recycling paper and cardboard waste products, aluminum and steel waste products, wood waste products, and Rod-Mill related waste products, our in-house recycling program is ever expanding.

Additionally, we bulk purchase-packaging items such as boxes and plastic spools that have been made from recycled material and we have invested heavily in environmentally sound water treatment systems and other practices that provide multiple benefits to our community. As much as Encore takes an active role in environmentally innovative projects, we are aiming even higher and hope to be instrumental in developing new concepts for the future.

PVC Recycling

Our Copper is about 20% post-consumer recycled copper. Our insulated and jacketed products contain about 10% post-consumer recycled PVC.

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